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Martech Games Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Turbo boost the Martech way.

Following poor ol' Nigels very near miss last year in the World Championship, everybody will be rooting doubly for him again this year. Martech especially so, because a successful season for Nigel could filter back to Martech's bank balance.

So does the game get into top gear? And does it have the fuel to keep in the running? Quite simply, yes. With 16 circuits modelled on the real tracks and with anything between 43 and 82 laps per race, a season's going to take a long while to complete. Thank heavens for save game options. If the screen display looks unrealistic to you, then that's because all the information that is nowadays available to the driver (through computer and radio links) is displayed on this panel. So now when messages flash informing you that every car except yours has pulled into the pits for a tyre change, you can reconsider your strategy.

Gameplay is satisfyingly tough, and incorrect use of gears can have you wasting valuable power and fuel, so it's as well to practise with the car for a while before you start on some serious competing.

Despite some rather dubious collision detection (usually to your advantage for a change) during the races, the game will certainly provide you with a challenge, but not one that is impossible to meet. A game for racing fans who look for a long-term overall challenge.

Reviewer: Andy Smith

Spec, £9.99cs, Out Now
Ams, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Imminent
C64/128, £9.99cs, £12.99dk, Imminent

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 75/100
1 hour: 65/100
1 day: 75/100
1 week: 80/100
1 month: 50/100
1 year: 30/100

There's as big a racing job in here as you'll find anywhere.


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Graphics are monochrome (though the colours do change for each course) and are well drawn. Sound is surprisingly good considering the limitations. That save game option means you will keep you playing for a long time to come.

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Blazing a trail around the Japanese circuit of Suzuka. Lets hope that tyre holds.