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TV Games
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Steve Cooke
Chris Bourne

Definitely not a game for one player only, this program is a brave but uninspiring attempt to convey the excitement (if any) of the popular TV series.

Up to four players choose a game character from a list of eight, represented on-screen by a digitised portrait and a brief biography. You can enter your own occupation, age, and home town if you want, but these details don't reappear in the game.

There then follow six challenges, each one a separate lead (best make sure you have a tape counter!) testing your powers of observation, short-term memory, physical control, and general knowledge. At the end of each round the scores and running total are shown and at the end of the game there's a brief victory display (just a static screen with a trophy) for the winner.

The physical control sections involve tapping different keys at different rates simultaneously, either to propel an 'Ergobuggy' across the screen, or to tackle the 'assault course'. All the sections are dominated by strict time limits, except the 'Observation Round' in which you spot differences in pictures and short stories. The problem here is not too little time, but too much of it - those not playing at the time have nothing to do.

This game offers a modicum of fun to a family of four who want to gather round the monitor. You could play with less participants but it wouldn't be as enjoyable For the soloist it's a waste of time.

Reviewer: Steve Cooke

Spec, £7.95cs, Out Now
Ams, £7.95cs, £12.95dk, Out Now
C64/128, £7.95cs, £109.95dk, Imminent

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 60/100
1 hour: 50/100
1 day: 60/100
1 week: 50/100
1 month: 40/100
1 year: 30/100

Once you get over the slow pace and poor controls, interest peaks then slowly fades away.


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Digitised pictures display poorly on this machine and the graphics are generally slightly inferior. Plus 2 owners lacking a tape counter may fume over occasional loading errors, but otherwise there is little difference between this and the Amstrad version.


Not very exciting graphically and lacks sound during play. Some sections would benefit from a joystick option. The 464's inbuilt tape counter makes the multi-load a little more bearable, but the combination of loading delays and waiting for others to take their turn does nothing to enhance gameplay.

Graphics: 5/10

Audio: 3/10

IQ Factor: 7/10

Fun Factor: 5/10

Ace Rating: 641/1000

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 65/100

1 hour: 55/100

1 day: 60/100

1 week: 55/100

1 month: 40/100

1 year: 30/100

Screenshot Text

Amstrad: Piloting the Ergobuggy involves tapping different keys at different rates - a test of co-ordination that sounds difficult in theory but disappointingly easy in practise.