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Melbourne House
Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Spectrum, £8.99cs
C64/128, £8.99cs
Atari ST, £19.99dk
Amiga, £19.99dk

If you're after cut-throat competition with a friend then Roadwars could provide the answer. You take charge of one of two Battlespheres that career down the continually scrolling roads of Armageddon. If you're feeling cooperative you can help each other to take out the rogue panels that are to be found at either side of the road. But if you're feeling mean you can compete with your friend and try to force him off the road. The Amiga version may be by far the best looking, but the Spectrum version actually has more playability.

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Roadwars - Amiga. Blow away the rogue panels - or each other.