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Kevin Smith
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K
SpeedLock 7

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Chris Bourne

Rack-It - Spectrum: £2.99

Any adventurers longing for the heady days of Lords of Midnight should welcome this budget release with open arms. Into Africa is menu-driven and features a landscaping technique almost identical to Mike Singleton's mega-game.

Taking individual control of up to 40 characters, the player must coordinate their combined efforts in an effort to protect an area of Africa from invading rebel tribesmen. However, the tribes indigenous to the region have been divided by the loss of the Golden Mask. Only once the mask has been found will the tribes be reunited and strong enough to fend off the rebel forces. And just to make matters worse, their leader Chief Kasula is dying from a rare jungle fever. Oh, dear.

Into Africa isn't quite as easy to operate as was its inspiration, due to a tedious menu system. However, the game is pretty captivating, and at only three quid...