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Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Footballer Of The Year 2 is a strange game. It has elements of football management and some of a quiz but you new never actually get to play football at all. The questions usually only need a yes or no answer (controlled by pressing a direction on the joystick).

Most of the game is controlled through menus, each with well-drawn and coloured graphics to represent the available options, which are Play, Double Or Nothing, State Of Affairs, Transfer and Career.

Play, for example, allows you to select the moves your players make when they play a match. The moves are shown as if on a blackboard and when you've selected which moves to use you just sit back and watch the action. The actual match is shown from above and the players are colourful. Most of the time while I was paying, my shots at goal missed pathetically!

The trouble with this type of game is that you can never get away from the screens of text that are needed and pop up endlessly. They may feature essential information but, to the normal gamesplayer, they're heading towards Dullesville, Arizona. Fans of football management games will find this a refreshing change from the usual boring text-only games and boffins on the world of football will especially like the quiz section, but don't expect soccer action.




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Plan J is very organised, isn't he? Can a win be in store for the CRASH team? Probably not.