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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

THIS environmental-studies program is envisaged as a starting point for a wide range of activities on wildlife. The object is for the pupils to discover as many animals as possible (there are 13 all told) and to take pictures of them in their habitat - all within the program.

The pupils should attempt to use the least number of exposures, and compile an information folder on the animals.

The pupil starts off with a map on the screen, and a newspaper which provides clues on the haunts of the animals. The pupil travels round the scenery, using north, south, east and west commands.

When the pupil finds an animal, the P key opens the shutter, and the picture comes up onscreen.

As in all good computer games, there are obstacles - the landscape is dotted with trees, houses, water and hills, and gates have to be opened and closed. And if there are crops growing in the fields, the pupil has to walk round the edge.

Snapshot is an obvious stimulus for work on mapping skills, and the teacher's notes give other good ideas for using the program in the classroom.


This imaginative and enjoyable program can help motivate development of a range of skills in the areas of language, environmental studies and maths - highly recommended

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