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Charles A. Sharp
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dominic Handy, Gordon Houghton, Ian Phillipson
Chris Bourne

The trials and tribulations of football management could test the resolve and skills of even the most hardened First Division pro. But in Football Frenzy you are the manager of small Grimesditch Rangers, and getting your club to the Cup Final is just the beginning of an awesome task.

It's three days before the big match, but to get your team and players there you have to pay some very large bills. And if they're not met fairly promptly your club could find itself without electricity, the water supply dribbling to a trickle, the players left without any clean kit, and no club literature printed.

Football Frenzy has a fairly large vocabulary, including such subtle commands as GESTICULATE, KISS, GROPE, UNDRESS and LAY instructions holding entertainment potential - once used, though, they lead nowhere.

Really it requires lots of sharp thinking, and plenty of restraint when it comes to spending the club's money. But after the visual appeal has worn off, Football Frenzy is revealed as a very repetitive strategy (not really adventure) game.



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Really strategy?: Football Frenzy