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Roy Stead
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dominic Handy, Gordon Houghton, Ian Phillipson
Chris Bourne

A supercomputer gone wild is the starting point for Bug Byte's two-part S.T.I, the mighty machine AROC has been attacked and damaged, and in response sets up a series of defence systems around itself.

Even an incompetent washing machine repairman ought to be able to get through and mend the mutilated microchips - but an improbability storm has left AROC with premature senile dementia, and getting through to this computer's confused systems is going to be no easy task.

The repairman's mission begins in a plane. Items such as a locked briefcase, a golden key, walking stick and parachute can all be picked up. But what should be taken and what should be left lo ensure a safe jump?

Once on terra firma, the mechanic hero must wend his way through countryside and streets, gathering the equipment he needs as he goes - and avoiding menaces such as werewolves. The final challenge is to actually repair AROC.

S T, I. is an example of how original presentation can transform an above-average game into an excellent one. There are loads of locations to explore, and a wealth of humorous, informative text enriching them. It's a reasonably complex game, with plenty of objects to collect and puzzles to solve, but basically it's in a straightforward adventure format - though none the worse for that.

The vocabulary is good, and S. 11 is very quick to respond; it has an interesting scenario and is brilliantly cynical. Bug Byte brands this 'such a vulgar, lowclass adventure', but it plainly isn't!



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Between AROC and a hard place: S.T.I.