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Activision Inc
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Mark Caswell, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Wonderboy is back. Now adolescent (and therefore Super?), young hero Tom-Tom is called on yet again to save Wonderland, this time from the clutches of nasty fire breathing dragon Meka, whose sole aim in life is to make everyone else's a complete misery. Armed with a sword spotty Tom-Tom ventures into Monster Land and adventure - and plenty of it! Vicious vampire bats, spooky skeletons, evil anacondas and mad mudmen vie for the honour of removing large chunks of Tom-Tom's energy (represented by a row of hearts in the status panel). Difficult to cope with only a sword...

Luckily leaping and bounding across Wonderland Tom-Tom comes across buildings which sport a door. More often than not they house traders. Knock on the door and you'll be offered a range of useful items including shields, magical weapons, armour, flying boots, information and healing potions. But these aren't given away, so collecting the coins you get from killing attacking creatures is a must. Use them wisely.

As in all good swashbuckling adventures arch baddies have to be tackled: each one holds the key to open a portcullis and so end each level. Expect a fair old battle, they're mean.

Super Wonderboy is a typically cute Japanese game that is deceptively no push over with a myriad of vicious and wondrous adversaries. The sprites are well defined, move around nicely and cause Tom-Tom a lot of aggro. 'Cute ' game lovers and tough joystick-mangling gamesters alike will love Super Wonderboy. Go and buy a copy today, I'm sure Tom-Tom would be glad of the help.

MARK ... 91%


'After playing the original Wonder Boy when it came out on a compilation I wasn't expecting much of Super Wonderboy. What a surprise I got! This game is vastly superior with cute little monsters, loads of weapons to collect and an overall cartoony feel to it. Of course the idea behind the game isn't original but Super Wonderboy has its own special bits and pieces like the shops which can be visited for armour, weapons and cocktails(!). The only thing that lets it down is the multi-load system for each round, but there's nothing can be done about that. Super Wonderboy is great fun for the experienced games player or the person just starting out in the Spectrum world. I recommend it to anyone.' NICK ... 86%

Cutesy, playable and addictive platform game, with fast combat elements.