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Activision Inc
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Mark Caswell, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

The background story to this game is basic: the diabolical Forth Empire is building huge fortresses on the five planets in the Junos system. Once the jewel of the galaxy, Junos, Veheor, Malkland, Orthea and Ashutar have been reduced to ashes, and as a brave pilot you must abort the evil empire 's building plans.

The game starts with a representation of all five planets. You can flip through each one and select which you want to tackle. The Forth Empire have heard about your presence, and send everything they have at you. Varied spaceships, gun turrets and even military robots vie for the honour of stamping your card, but you come prepared. Twin laser cannon fire constantly, whilst a seemingly unlimited supply of missiles can be unleased when a 'lock on' cursor appears on the enemy craft.

In the arcade Galaxy Force's speed was controlled by a lever, on the computer a keypress does the same job, and you need to fly jolly slow when entering the fortresses if you don't want to lose several layers of paint by moving at warp speed. Contact with enemy laser bolts or the sides of a cave wall knock down energy levels, but extra energy can be earned throughout the game. Nonetheless, remember you only have three continue plays. Reach the end of a cavern and the enemy control center presents itself for destruction, and it's onto the next planet to continue your rampage.

The arcade Galaxy Force II Is an amazing game, but it isn't the speed of the graphics that impress me. The hydraulic chair is the star and not to be savoured after a meal. On the Spectrum the game lives up to speed expectations, my only slight niggle being that although the game is monochromatic the chequer board patterns are a bit of a strain on the eyeballs. If, like me, you're a fan of the coin op, check it out.

MARK ... 78%


'Oh wow! Another great arcade favourite of mine. I spent a fortune on this. You just can't stop stuffing the cash in... well, until it's all gone! All the excitment of the original has been successfully converted onto the Spectrum, with detailed sprites and scenery plus the speed that makes the game a joy to play. Sound is another strong point. There is a great tune and plenty of effects to keep your ears a waggling. The one big let down in Galaxy Force II: the multi-load. I can't stand them as you may already know, and this spoils some of the good qualities. You can still have a good time zipping in and out of the rocks and crashing at high speeds though. Galaxy Force II is a good conversion of one of the best arcade machines around. Take a look for yourself!' NICK ... 80%

Smashing game well converted, though the multi-load is a right pain.