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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Is there anything left in the world that hasn't had a computer simulator made of it? I thought not, but then along come Alternative with this little offering... Pro Mountain Bike Simulator. You can play against the computer or enter a battle of the pedals with a mate.

The game is split into different maps which can be selected at the start. Each one holds a host of exciting obstacles and challenging mountains to climb on your multi-geared bike. There are a total of 18 gears to be selected, 18th to use on the straights in an attempt to break the land speed record and 1st to get up those steep mountains.

The obstacles include logs, deep holes, rocks, swamp land and ramps. Most of these can easily be taken on the bike, but things like logs and deep holes need you to jump off and carry the bike through or over! The objective is of course to filet to the end of the map before your opponent, or in record time. Graphically the game it’s very colourful, and sprites and backgrounds are as detailed as they can be on this scale. You do get some clash now and then but nothing too devastating. Sound wise there's a tune and a brilliant little squeaking effect for the wheels of each bike.

Pro Mountain Bike Simulator may not have to most imaginative title ever, but the game is good fun and well worth spending some time on.