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Mastertronic Plus
Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Fast and furious action abound in Speedboat Assassin. You are the marine commando with the job of launching attacks on four of the most famous harbours in the world. They have all been seized by the enemy and are surrounded by deadly mines.

Level one involves a helicopter dropping you and your boat into the mine field itself (aarrrgh!). Careful control is essential to make it through. After picking up some weaponry from the chopper as it passes overhead your next task is to shoot all the oncoming speedboats and destroy the communication towers dotted around the hostile sea. Every 30 seconds another chopper comes into view and docking with it will increase your weaponry, give you more speed - or cause you to crash because you] can't see where you're goring! When all the towers are toppled the real challenge comes into view. A large destroyer is anchored by the harbour wall and will take 20 or 30 hits before it is sunk and you can pass. After all this excitement you can look forward to the next harbour to do it all again.

All the graphics in the game are neat, but there is no colour in the action itself, only in the scrolling skyline. On the audio side of things there's just a gun sound and a small explosion - brilliant, eh?

Having to negotiate the mine field at the beginning really gets annoying after the first few goes, and just when you think you can do it blindfolded the pattern goes and changes and BANG, you're dead! Speedboat Assassin may be good fun for the first couple of plays, but you soon lose interest.