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39 Steps
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Gosh what a fun scenario for a game! Run around the haunted castle collecting bits of your dad and keeping away from skeletons, ghouls and ghosts, sew all the bits back together and stick 1,000.000 volts through the quivering flesh and bone to bring him back to life. Wow.

The inlay says this is an hilarious spoof and terrifically funny: sorry but I can't see the joke. The graphics are all in 3-D. The backgrounds are detailed and quite good, but the main sprites leave a lot to be desired. The whole game bears a striking resemblance to Bride Of Frankenstein. In fact the whole layout of the game is identical, with just the main sprite changed! There is a different colour monochrome on each screen to add some variety.

The way the game has been set out is strange. Exiting one screen by a door at the top makes you enter the next also by a door at the top! This means that by continuing to push up on the joystick you can flick from screen to screen in a very annoying way.

You could get some enjoyment out of Frankenstein Jnr if you've never played Bride Of Frankenstein and have the nack of getting about that game, and there are some puzzles that will keep ya playing for a while.