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Ocean Software Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

If there was ever a game to wear down your fingers or joystick micro switches this is it. You have to compete in ten gruelling events as well as having to endure a training session complete with sit ups, squat thrusts and weight fitting. As an added annoyance you also have the choice of four pairs of trainers to wear. If you choose the wrong ones your performance will be seriously impaired.

Events include 100m, high lump, discus, pole vault, 100m hurdles and long jump. Each event needs lots of practice to get right. The pole vault is probably the worst as you have to judge exactly when to start moving the pole down, get it wrong and Daley could have a nasty accident.

The graphics are very good throughout, especially the training section which has a couple of clever touches. It's a real simulation because all that continuous waggling from left to right is as exhausting as the real thing!