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Accolade Inc
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Mark Caswell, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Here's your chance to sit behind the wheel of one of three turbo powered mean machines, and drive 'em! There are plenty of options to get you going. Pick to race in Practice, Single Race or Championship mode and at what skill level.

Choose from three cars: a Ferrari, a McLaren or a Williams - a list of technical specs for each car is shown to help decisions.

Grand Prix Circuit features eight tracks (Brazil, Monaco, Canada, Detroit, Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan) and, unless you're in championship mode, you can pick which one to race on.

The first race is the qualifying round: no opponents, but you're racing against the clock and your finishing time determines your placement on the starting grid.

Most of the tracks consist of tight turns, and all of these can be taken at fairly high speeds, but pranging the car pushes op the damage meter. Don't panic it the damage meter hits the red because when the pit is reached you can pull in and get the old bodywork repaired.

I had a terrible feeling of deja-vu when playing Grand Prix Circuit, change the main sprites to motor cycles and you have... yep. The Cycles.

Graphics are pretty simplistic, the best being the opposing cars, though they appear to drive straight through my vehicle! Sound is just a grating engine roar.

Grand Prix Circuit is a disappointment after the enjoyable The Cycles.

MARK ... 60%


'This is simply The Cycles, another Accolade game, with slightly changed graphics! The racing tracks are uninteresting, undetailed and even tatty with pixels being left behind as the track scrolls towards you. The sound effects (there is no tune) are awful. A grinding noise is heard throughout each race as the car accelerates. Grand Prix Circuit is not impressive. A mediocre racing simulation from Accolade - the kings of 16-bit sims, not 8-bit.' NICK ... 46%

A mediocre racing sim with looks too similar to Accolade's previous release The Cycles.