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Not Known
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Richard Eddy
Chris Bourne

Championship sports car racing is what Turbo Cup's all about, so here's another (not another!! -Ed) opportunity to drive a Porsche. Let's see how it measures up to the driving game formula, shall we? Okay then, roads. Yes, it's got four of them; real European racetracks too! Curving and twisting all over the place - distinct lack of hills though. Cars? Oh yeah - plenty! Well, in the main competition anyway - you get the road to yourself in the practice round and your finishing time in this round determines your grid position in the race. What's next, erm... Speed! Lots of that too. You can drive at around 120 mph but the car spins out of control on sharp corners at this speed, keeping between 60 and 80 is okay.

Next - controls: accelerate, decelerate, left and right. It's simple but it takes a few goes to get used to the sensitivity. Do the vehicles look like cars or squashed dustbins? Not a squashed dustbin in sight, the car graphics are good but not animated very much - turn left and the graphic suddenly switches from straight ahead to 45 degrees, not bad really. There's scenery along the roadside and just the right amount too! It doesn't look cluttered but going off road is hazardous. Graphics are black and white so it's clear but looks s so very dull. And finally - is it any good? Hummmm, it's okay, just not very exciting.