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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

If you haven't heard of R-Type then you must have been living in a dark cave at the top of some mountain range for the last few years. This is one the best shoot-'em-ups ever to appear on the Spectrum. Flying the R-9 fighter is an easy task, dodging the endless streams of aliens that are thrown at you is another affair. You've got to have nimble fingers to survive just the first couple of seconds.

To help you along there are weapons you can pick up in your fight for success, some real powerful ones too. Homing missiles, shield orbs, anti aircraft lasers and extra speed are just some of the goodies ready for collection. The amount of colour the programmers crammed into R-Type will impress any player. You're probably used to playing shoot-'em-ups with mono graphics or horrendous colour clash: not in this game.

What really lets R-Type down in the playability stakes is the multi-load system. I know I moan about multi-loads whenever they crop up, it's just they are so annoying. Luckily there's a continue play option with a set number of credits. R-Type is a must for all fans of the shoot-'em-up. Plenty of weapons, lots of nasty aliens and level after level of true arcade action. Get a copy and play.