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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

Rugby Union is a popular sport. Very popular judging by the amount of budget games that have appeared recently. The latest is International Rugby, a one-or two-player action-packed game for all to family (he says sarcastically).

The first task is to ramble through the obligatory option screen, select control methods, amount of players, difficulty level (easy or hard) and either practice or championship games. If you choose practice you enter straight into the match, but in championship mode you can select one of five countries (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland or France) and battle it out on a league table.

The game is spilt into two 40-minute halves with the normal rugby rules (ie, kick the frag out of opposing players and score trys). The player under control is highlighted, so there's no risk that your samey-looking figures will be confused with each other.

The problem is, it's not very good: small, stick-like players hobble around a green expanse of backdrop. Okay, there's an interest factor with the league table if playing against a mate, but very soon even this becomes tiresome. International Rugby was originally published six years ago and today it can't compete with other sport games.



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Blobby rigby players and huge plugs for shops that sell software? A definite 32 percenter, wouldn't you agree?