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River Software
Jack A. Lockerby
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Rigby
Chris Bourne

Treasure Island is a text adventure adaptation of the well known book. This adventure continues the prolific output of Spectrum adventures from River and reflects the steady improvement of their adventure system.

Although it looks simple, the game moves very swiftly, mainly because only part of the location description changes from move to move. Items are merely added or taken away from the description, speeding up play wonderfully.

Treasure Island is well paced with a gentle beginning to draw you in gradually and the continuing good design aids this. For example, if you attempt to move In the wrong direction you'll be reminded in which directions you can travel.

One or two areas of the game that proved irritating. A couple of the problems were a little unfair, I thought: While standing on the beach you have to 'Examine Sea' to trigger the landing of a boat and the furtherance of the plot. This part of D the story could have been better designed - the story grounds to a halt otherwise.

One or two buglets appear. Examining a dead body prompted the response 'It's Red Leicester', which refers to some cheese later on (unless the deceased was called Mr Leicester and was a member of the Communist Party, of course). A good game tarnished with a couple of irritations but otherwise recommended.



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My, how handy bushes can be in Treasure Island.