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Zenobi Software
Geoff Lynas
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Osborne
Chris Bourne

Society's doomed. An unidentified disaster wipes out all but the chosen few, who retreat to an underground shelter and form the nucleus of a post-apocalypse society. You're one of the chosen!

The game begins as you awake from drug-induced sleep, only to find the shelter has been evacuated. The underground chamber is four levels deep and very large. Perhaps a little too large - there's too much map for too few problems.

The games parser does it no favours, either. It's hellishly unfriendly, relying heavily on standard responses such as I CAN'T and OK. In the first location, it look me half-a-dozen attempts to walk through an open door!

April 71h suffers from an identity crisis. One minute it's a sci-fi thriller, giving graphic descriptions of mutilated corpses, the next its a 'cutsey' game, and some puzzles rely on fairy tale logic! However, it's well programmed, the text's good and there's some semblance of a game in there somewhere.

IAN ... 49%



Screenshot Text

April 7th - not the best adventure I've ever seen, but it has it's moments.