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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

G'day cobbers, it 's time to throw a couple of steaks on the barbie and crack open a tinnle 'cos Neighbours the computer game is here (the first person to sing the Neighbours tune will be nursing a fat lip).

The game's set in everyone's favourite street on a very hot day. Several of the more adventurous characters decide to hold a friendly race so you stand in the trainers of Scott Robinson (who hasn't been in the programme for ages) and trundle about on his beloved skateboard against four of his pals (who gives a Castlemaine XXXX?).

These are Charlene Ramsey, Henry Ramsey, Mike Young (who all haven't been in the programme for ages) and Matt Robinson, each racing in a different vehicle. Charlene's in a go-kart, Henry's on a tractor-lawnmower, Mike's on a skateboard and Matt's borrowed Mike's motorbike.

Not all of Ramsey Street' s inhabitants are in favour of the race, including Mrs Mangel (who hasn't...), Todd Landers, Bouncer the dog, Harold Bishop (moany old git) and even Skippy the kangaroo and his mates, who've escaped from the local zoo.

There are eight Individual races set over four locations, two in each location: Ramsey Street, Lassiter's Complex, Erinsborough High and Anson's Corner. You first choose between a normal and fast skateboard then specify the number of obstacles and contenders (1-4). Of course, contact with any obstacles knocks down the old energy bar, but there are collectable goodies scattered around to replenish flagging spirits.

I can't say Neighbours, the game, particularly impressed me. I've watched the TV show a couple of times but didn't recognise any of the character sprites in the game. It's the type of terribly simple game where you just rush round avoiding obstacles (wake me up when it's my turn, someone).

In short, Neighbours wouldn't be great value for money even on a budget label; at full price it's a rip-off.

MARK ... 42%



Screenshot Text

Arrgh! Look out, it's Kylie in her go-kart. Looks like her driving skills are just as good as her singing skills!