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Quicksilva Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Ross: So, the Game Lords have burst back with an exciting and technically impressive program. And about time too!

Glass stands for Ground Level Alien Strike Simultor - yep, it's a 3D shoot 'em up that has you peering out the front of a ground attack craft. At the bottom of the screen are your instruments and status guages while the rest of it's taken up with your window onto the alien world.

There are three stages to the gamesplay. First comes the ground attack where aliens either bounce (must be on space hoppers!' Ed), trundle or slither up to you, to test your reflexes and your shields - you'll like the reflection the enemy makes on the glass surface of the planet. For the second stage you'll need to call up all your dodging skills to weave your way in 'n' out of the clyindrical towers at great speed. Fortunately, the third stage is more relaxing - you just have to knock out the weapons on the large ships as they scroll in from the right.

Finished that? Good, now it's just a quick jaunt into the enemy base to blast off a nuke. This one's going into my collection. 4/5 HIT

Roger: Oh no! Not more space-blasting! Haven't we got passed all that yet? Still, some of the prettiest aliens that I've terminated in many a moon. 3/5 MISS

Rick: The graphics are great but this game lacks true depth. 3/5 HIT


Screenshot Text

The three spheres symbolise the lives you have ieft. Run out of shields more than three times, and all your balls will turn blue.

Watch 'em bob and weave as you sweep in for the kill. All that's needed is a few well placed shots before they're blown to smithereens!

Each wave is against the clock - when the time runs out you get warped to the next level via an impressive 3D screen.

Watch this shield gauge constantly - one slip up by letting it go too low. and you're going to loose one of your precious ships.

Just another bouncing alien to put you off getting any further in this pretty game.

This informative gauge tells you which key you are pressing, for those who don't always realise which key they're pressing, of course.

Your Nuke bomb is released once you reach each of the three alien bases. Pity you've got to blow them up, they're quite dapper really.

This Spectrum consol provides you with such interesting messages as Alert every lime an alien is near, but off screen. Wow! (yawn).