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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

The only time I remember doing anything that could be classed as 'fishing' was a rather wet couple of days on the South coast wondering if the bait on one end of the line was as bored as I was on the other! But based on my rather limited experiences, I'd have to say Match Fishing was a fairly faithful simulation... unfortunately.

You can have up to eight players, each fishing a specific section of the river - each player is provided with information about the depth and state of the water and is asked to choose equipment. Now comes the exciting part...

Just joking! The display changes, showing you all the players on-screen for the fish to turn up. If a fish happens along, a number flashes on the shore and you have to press the equivalent number on the keyboard. All exciting stuff...

Alligata recommends that players should gather round the Speccy at a distance of one metre. I'd recommend a longer distance - perhaps a mile and a half. Check it out if fish are your things. 2/5 MISS

Roger: Match Fishing is probably the most boring game in the world - I can't think why it wasn't a leading contender for Firebird's Don't Buy This. Tackle this one if you dare! 1/5 MISS

Ross: You know the way fish look? - you know, bored to tears - well, that's how I looked after just five minutes with this game. 1/5 MISS