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Gargoyle Games
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Ross: So, this is the first in a trilogy, eh? Well, if this one's anything to go by, you can stand by for a real treat. And don't be put off by first impressions - sure, this game looks very similar to Gargoyle's previous offerings, Dun Darach and Tir Na Nog, but the scenario and the problem solving are very different.

The year is 2494 and once again those nasty alien, space invader thingies (these ones are called the Sept) are trying to get their slimy claws on Mother Earth. Your mission is to prevent the impending catastrophe. So, you must penetrate the city computers on Marsport where the aliens are holed out and escape with the plans for a force field to surround earth. No problem, as they say...

Well, I've got news of you - it ain't that simple. Not only do you have to find your way around Marsport but you've got to do it without being blasted away by the baddies. Start off by mapping your progress - this'll help you find the objects you're gonna need if you stand a hope in hell of penetrating further into the base. It's also the only way to prevent that dizzy feeling you get from going round and round in circles, like I did before I got the hang of it!

The graphics are beautifully animated, the controls are excellent and it's great fun to play. And if you're into sci-fi, like me, you'll enjoy it even more. An all-round winner that's well worth lashing out the megabucks on. 9/10


Screenshot Text

Take a good look around any new corridor using the camera function. You can only see one wall at a time and it's easy to miss something vital on the opposite wall.

All too much for you? Nip into one of the Mars Bars for a quick drink.

Early warning system: this screen will tell you when the bad guys are about to make an appearance...

Keep your bearings with the compass - otherwise you can wander for daze!

The lifts move you between levels but you've no control over where they stop. So it's easy to get lost or worse - you could end up on a level where the computer's defences are activated!

Rule One: Make a map or the maze of corridors will beat you everytime.