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Zenobi Software
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Rigby
Chris Bourne

One night after a few days on the job, you're approached by the Head Keeper of the zoo and asked to walk around to check everything's okay. It would be if it wasn't for the missing wombat!

Wombat is a competently produced adventure with some interesting puzzles. However, I have two criticisms: I found the majority of the adventure was just a mapping exercise, with too little to do in many places.

Secondly, I was rather frustrated that programmer Mike Gerrard decided to use a wodge of memory putting 'clever' messages into the response table. Thus, if you input particular names and so on, you'll be treated to a 'witty' comment. This ploy was fine for John Wilson's irreverent Behind Closed Doors series but I felt Mike could have used the available memory improving the game rather than wasting it on a part of the game no-one, bar the few members of the 'In crowd', will ever see.

I can't take a game seriously when such excessive, irrelevant, padding is used to fill a few hundred (thousand?) bytes. Not bad, but should have been a hell of lot better.

Overall 61%

Contact Point: 26 Spotland Tops, te, Rochdale, Lance OL12 7NX



Screenshot Text

Wombat's loading screen (cute eh?).