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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Ross Holman
Chris Bourne

Ross: Scrambling around hundreds of screens looking for assorted oblects and dodging hordes of nasties - sounds familiar, eh? Yep, it's yet another ladders and platforms game. But wait! Don't try for a getaway in sheer disgust, this ones a cut above yet average, believe me.

So whats it all about? You've got to guide bouncing Bounty Bob around quite a few screens, hording unlikely combinations of clutter like flower pots, gems and cakes. As you'd expect there's no shortage of nasties to hamper his progress, but Bounty's got a handy asset, his own insatiable appetite! Just like a magpie or an old billy goat, hell greedily demolish every object in sight, and by doing this he transforms the yellow nasties into an appetising snack too! There's a lot to be said for greed in this game!

There's plenty of leaping and bounding for Bounty Bob to try, but don't let him fall too far or he's a gonner! With only three lives he can't afford to take too many risks!

If you manage to touch every platform in the Painter game part, you'll then be promoted to the next screen. And that's where the fun starts. Bounty Bob can take lifts, slide down the longest tracks possible, use the transporters and generally cause havoc amongst the idyllic lives of the nasty green things.

There's only one thing that you'll lack while playing Bounty Bob - that's time to think. Bob won't have time to hang around because the meanies will be on his tail If he does.

All In all, it's pretty addictive, but don't be fooled into thinking it's a cinch... you'll see why... 9/10


Screenshot Text

Throughout the game you'll come across these doors with the numbers nailed above them. These are the transporters. Climb into one and press 'P' - you'll be beamed up to the next door in the sequence.

Collecting these knick-knacks gives you power to get your own back on the meanies. Isn't that like the puck pieces in Pac Man.

Bob's long distance jumping abilities aren't as good as those of some other platform heroes. It seems that if you fall a matter of two steps, you're in for the squash routine.

The idea of each screen is to turn all the shaded platform areas solid. You do this by - you guessed it - walking on them!

Go for a slide down here. On later levels these slides can run from top to bottom of the screen - weaving around every possible object - somewhat like a Butlins funpool!

As long as you don't linger, you'll find that you'll be able to get through the screens quite simply. The objects are laid out so that if you take the right path you'll pick up an object every one or two meanies - enabling you to eat them without having to stop.